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Was Kunden sagen

I am pleased to recommend Amor Dhaouadi, with whom I worked on different projects with special focus on developing the strategic framework and programs for the supply chain of our company. His professional attitude and systematic approach towards problem solving is exemplary. He was a honest and transparent professional with high ethical standards.

I learned Amor as a speaker, moderator, and project leader, and he executed his jobs in a very effective and professional manner. What impressed me most is his ability to listen deeply and carefully to his counterpart to bring forward creative and innovative ideas to address different business challenges. Amor is also a good communicator and keeps his counterparts well informed about work progress.

- Robert Jostock, Nokia Networks, Head Software SCM

I simply loved the interactive session around the educational system in Switzerland and the knowledge economy in Germany. Amor Dhaouadi possesses amazing language skills. He kept us engaged throughout the presentation and provided us with valuable inputs, outlook and suggestions. I thought that his presentation was very practical and useful. Thanks for an insightful presentation and day.

- Noureddine Dhaouadi, Lycée Khaznadar Tunis, Rektor

Amor Dhaouadi is someone whom I enjoyed working with. With his genuine and open minded trait he is able to convince his business counterpart and drive his project teams to full potential. Amor is a very good communicator who is able to explain complex business patterns in a very easy and plain manner.

In his negotiations with customers and partners Amor has the ability to listen deeply to their concerns and questions, and come up with convincing proposals and solutions. I recommend Amor without reservation.

- Khaled Jerbi, TEKonsult, CEO & Founder

I have known Amor Dhaouadi for over 15 years. He was a great asset to our company und helped us tremendously in acquiring new high profiled projects in a very competitive telecommunications market. His profound technology understanding and holistic approach towards the business process, from marketing activities, through sales to delivery, is exemplary.

Amor impressed us with his outstanding social competence, particularly in dealing with prospects and project teams. He always knew how to use his understanding, team spirit and enthusiasm to motivate all involved to complete dedication and very good performance. I would recommend Amor Dhaouadi without hesitation.

- Houssem-Eddine Ben Othman, Nokia Networks, Head Business Solutions Africa

I was totally impressed with Amor Dhaouadi’s capabilities when it came to addressing a huge crowd. His competence and confidence levels are simply commendable. He had in-depth information and knowledge about the topic and used several facts and figures to validate his points and overall outlook towards the dual educational system.

- Hatem Jlassi, REFORS, President

The presentation on the dual education system within the country was very thought provoking. Amor Dhaouadi is an excellent presenter, capable of presenting complex topics easily. He also possesses amazing story telling techniques and persuasion capabilities. The session was very unique and powerful and offered great value. Looking forward to attend many more sessions similar to this one!

- Dr. Radwan Masmoudi, CSID Washington, President

Amor Dhaouadi approach was fantastic. His presentation of the educational system in Switzerland as well knowledge economy in Germany was the best I’ve ever seen. It completely transformed my outlook towards the dual education system in our country. His deep insight and understanding of the subject was far beyond what I had expected. Thank you for a great session!

- Dr. Hamadi Barouaki, REFORS, Head of Scientific Committee

Dear Amor,

It is always a great pleasure for me to work with you on strategic and conceptual challenges. You have an impressive ability to grasp complex developments and find amazingly obvious solutions that open a new ranges of possibilities. This is only possible because you listen extremely well to others, sense what they are reaching for and provide a path to reach their aspirations. Your usage of the Blue Ocean Strategy canvas tool helped to highlight the ways things are today and the way they could work even better in the near future.

Through your extensive international work experience, you can quickly size up the business ecology of the market you are addressing. With your sharp perception, you masterfully identify the gaps and spot the possibilities. Your counterparts in the business have come to appreciate your competencies in developing and delivering well thought explanations about the challenging issues of today and the exciting possibilities for tomorrow. In addition, I’ve notice that others are able to feel they can be themselves, share key ideas in trust and know that with respect, you can help them realize their business and career dreams.

I really appreciate your skills and competencies, and I know many will benefit thanks to your talents and integrity.

- Dr. Charles M. Savage, Knowledge Era Enterprises International, President

The first time I worked with Amor Dhaouadi was on a very important sales project for a Moroccan customer. Amor was able to successfully manage the whole sales and bid process, at the planned time, with the planned resources and with an excellent quality.

Later on I hired him for other challenges, among others, to setup our local office in the United Arab Emirates and to redesign the business management and reporting of the real estate business. Moreover he worked in a very professional manner with our managers to setup a strategy framework for strategic planning of the group companies. Amor Dhaouadi is following very high ethical standards, works in a collaborative and transparent way. His approach to innovative and creative problem solving impressed me most.

- Dr. Abdessadeq El-Adnani, L‘INANDA CONSEILS, CEO & Founder

Ich möchte mich ebenfalls bei Ihnen bedanken für das Telefonat. Für mich ist es auf der einen Seite ein sehr angenehmes Gespräch gewesen, andererseits war es aufschlussreich für mich, da ich mich erst mit dem Gedanken beschäftige als Freelancer eine Dienstleistung anzubieten.

Kurz vor dem Skype Call habe ich  mich persönlich gefragt, wie das Gespräch auf „menschlicher“ Ebene ablaufen würde. Ich wurde positiv überrascht von Ihrer Art das Gespräch zu führen, da Sie einen sehr „down-to-earth“ Eindruck bei mir hinterlassen haben. Durch Ihre Offenheit in welche Richtung das Gespräch sich entwickeln würde/könnte, haben Sie sich erfolgreich auf die Wünsche meinerseits für das Gespräch konzentriert. Und damit leben Sie im Endeffekt genau das was Sie mir unter anderem im Gespräch vermittelt haben: Dass man sich auf den Kunden (wenn auch nur potentiell) ausrichtet und auf die Kundenwünsche reagiert. Die drei tragenden Säulen Sympathie, Empathie und Qualität, über die wir gesprochen haben, konnte ich auch in unserem Gespräch wiederfinden. Das zeigt mir, dass Sie das, was Sie weitergeben, auch leben und macht Sie somit authentisch. Daher hat der Call meine Erwartungen übertroffen.

Ihre Tips sich Kunden zu nähern und für einen zu gewinnen haben bei mir am meisten Eindruck hinterlassen, da sie unkonventionell sind und trotzdem Sinn machen. Einige neblige Ideen, die in die gleiche Richtung gehen, schwirrten mir schon im Kopf herum – haben durch Ihre Ausführung nochmal an Deutlichkeit für mich gewonnen. Darüber ist Ihr Vorgehen hinsichtlich des persönlichen Kontakts in Form der Postkarte für mich wirklich wunderbar.

Vielen Dank nochmals für den Input.

- Benjamin Klassen, IT-Spezialist, Freelancer

Am Schönsten sind oft die Partys, auf die man weder gehen wollte und von denen man sich kaum etwas versprach.
So war es auch vor unserem Gespräch.

Nie hätte ich gedacht, dass man in einem ersten Gespräch solch eine Tiefe und Substanz entwickeln könnte. Der Austausch mit Ihnen war nicht nur interessant, kurzweilig, sondern auch ganz konkret hilfreich und inspirierend.

Nie hätte ich gedacht, dass man in einem ersten Gespräch solch eine Tiefe und Substanz entwickeln könnte. Der Austausch mit Ihnen war nicht nur interessant, kurzweilig, sondern auch ganz konkret hilfreich und inspirierend.

Ich bedanke mich von Herzen bei Ihnen für Ihre fachlich fundierten, erfahrenen Tipps und Ihre Herzlichkeit.Authentisch und offen war unser Austausch. Und ich werde ab jetzt bestimmt viel aufmerksamer Ihre Newsletter verfolgen.

- Angelina Höppner, Think Pink, Geschäftsführerin